Some questions from a beginner

Hello, i am male 30 years old that always loved programming but was never determinated enough to keep learning after first “big” challenges that made me say “this is hard, its not for me”.

Its been some weeks that i started again with a new mindset, look it like a game. At first you start you know nothing but the longer you play the more you understand and it works.

My problem:
I am learning js now and i have no major problems passing the challenges BUT after a day i will not remember all this stuff i just learned.

Example: i will not remember how to properly access object elements, nested arrays, how to properly format the code with comma, when to use { ] and all this many “small” things.

So what would be your advice to me? Should i go through the whole js lecture and then go back and re-do it?
should i practice with each lesson, making my own examples?

Also, i have no math knowledge(dropped from school to early to work). I know the basics like when and why to use () and the general math things all people know.
Will i need to first start learning advanced math?
Is advanced math mandatory to be able to be a good programmer?
I know it helps a lot of course but will i be able to create things that i have in my mind without math?

Hi. Thing about how you learn anything, for example a language or a musical instrument. It is only by practice that your brain learns to do things naturally.

This is a similar question which I have responded to.

Regarding maths. It is in my opinion nice to have good maths skills but not really necessary to succeed. Attention to details and a logical mind is more important.


Thank you, this reply helped me a lot, especially space repetition and learning!
ps. i kinda knew it inside me that this was a thing(from things i have learned before in my life) and now i see that space repetition really helps

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I believe that advanced maths aren’t necessary in order to be a good programmer, but a whole set of logic and “special maths” proper to programming are important such as pointer arithmetic and true/false evaluations.

Regarding those easy topics that we forget, it is important to practice! That happens to many of us, and in any activity you will find “easy” tasks that are just so seldom used that you will have to take a break to remember (If you don’t practice enough, of course).