Some questions on some assignments

I didn’t want to make a topic for each, so I think this is ok?

Basic JavaScript: Assignment with a Returned Value

Why can’t we do the answer in reverse? As in, processArg first?
processed = processArg(7);

Basic JavaScript: Testing Objects for Properties

I don’t really get it…the secret is to use the method right?

Basic JavaScript: Accessing Nested Arrays
var secondTree = myPlants.trees.list[1]; // Change this line - why doesn’t this work?

I think I understand the question correctly.

can you link the assignments mate? there should be an option to add them

Hi @Cyath!

I would advise you to make separate topics.

It can get messy if there are different conversations on multiple challenges.

Also, when you create these separate topics you can just use the ask for help button which will have a link for the challenge and your code.