Some questions/Web Developing World

I am new here in the Web Developing World I am learning it by myself through online resources such as this one.

Which are really cool and helping me out to understand it from basic roots,

So Thanks to all those people who really Worked/Working hard to put this all together and **Sharing ** their Knowledge and Experience on every part of the internet.

With respect, I have some questions below which is of course too much to ask and i can find it elsewhere but still,

I do need the Latest review on this which will give me the insight of how the Modern Minds of Web Developing World works?

If you have to give Three advise to the person who is new to the web developing world

With his/her curiosity to learn

With ambition and vision in His/Her mind to contribute to this world by

Hard work with Passion to add more value to this world through Creativity and Teamwork.

What would be that three advise?

What type of Mindset needs as a beginner and at an Expert level?

How do you see the Problems and how you find Solutions?

How to manage to Information Overload in this digital world?

How to continue to Inspire/Motivate ourselves?

There is always New technology developing every year/ every day so how you guys manage to Update/Not Update yourself?

Which are the main web developing technology which will stay as is as now and continue to do so for generations to come, I mean Basic Roots Of The Technology which will stay important to understand and develop new technology?

How you Develop new technology?

How to Manage Time?

What are the Best Resources that to follow and What Not to follow?

What are the tips and tricks that help to Increase Productivity and save time as well?

As a Web Developer What to Remember by heart (Codes? ) and What Not to Remember?

What Programming Language I should learn now and what Market really demanding now and what will be needed in near future?

How big Web Developing World is and will be, How many types are there?

So what to stick with and what not to for the successful Career ahead?

How Web Developing Community exactly works, What I can Learn from them and how do I Contribute with them?

What to Read/What Place to go/Which People to follow/Where to Work?

What is the Future of Web Developing/Digital world?

Well, I know maybe it’s not worth taking to much time on this so a Couple of Words as Answers will be great.

Thank You so much for reading all this wish you all great time. #StayCreative #Namaste #MMahendra001 @MMahendra001)

Actual Coding > Reading > Watching Videos > Listening to Podcasts
Don’t sacrifice your health and family.
Don’t compare yourself to others. You’ll just get disappointed.

Love of learning. Self-starter, self-initiative.

Only comes through experience. Learn from your mistakes, or better yet, learn from other’s mistakes.

Use Google, reference books, manuals, help file, to look up the finer details.
Keep only in your brain the big picture. What I mean is, knowing there is X command or Y library in Z language is all you need to know. If it’s time to use it, then that’s the only time you Google, or check out the Reference site to see details of that particular function.

See answer above.

Work smarter, not harder. But this only comes through experience.

Look into job listings on what’s hot/trending.
But don’t jump on every trend.

Constant Change at ever faster pace.

First, you need to define for yourself what “success” means.
Success means different things for different people.


Thanks, owel those answers and thoughtful!