Some questiosn about email templates

Hi Friends!

here are some question I have about how to make a modern email template. It would be great if someone can share some experience with different email programs :slight_smile:

  • Is it possible to use flexbox for email templates or will it break on some email clients?

  • How to make sure that the email template looks the same on every email client?

  • What doctype to use for html email templates? xhtml?

  • Can we use EM and REM instead of Pixels for emails?

  • Are there any important meta tags to consider?


first thing always try to use html 5 version which is latest version of html.
so you know that it is <!doctype html>

you second question is what to use em , rem insted of px , so according to me it’s totally up to you but using rem is good practice .

you third question are there any important meta tags , for this you can read this articale and code email code referance


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