Some responsive web design projects

I did the first three of these projects.

The landing page is my favorite (though I totally butchered the CSS). You might find some broken parts that I missed. I’d also like some design pointers so I may improve a little :slight_smile:

Hi Kev. Really nice projects.
Tribute Page
Really clear and simple design. I like it. And I would add :hover, :active statements for links.
My one other thought is about HTM L dl tag: you use this tag for timeline but semantic of dl is describe terms/names. But this is just a niggle for discuss. :slight_smile:
Survey form
I’ve seen padding in inputs first. Not much space between a text and input border. I would be better to add some padding inside of input. Same thing about textarea.
Some thoughts about font. I don’t really like that font with white color because it is really hard to read for me.
And you can highlight a button of your form against the main page background to attract attention to action.
Product Landing Page
I like Tom Scott videos too. And your design as dark as the video. But I would add more colors to plan buttons and background image for pricing with a dark overlayer.
And at the top of the page where we see 4 blocks with colors the squares are small. Make them bigger would be better I think.

The text above is just my point of view on your project.

Actually they are good, clean, responsive design. You use BEM naming for CSS selectors and that’s cool.

My favorite is Tribute Page.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions :slight_smile:

It makes a lot of sense, now that you’ve mentioned it.

I kind of copied the button colors from the video. I don’t know what other color might fit.

Take a look at 50 Beautifully Designed Black Websites by awwwrds. Maybe something inspires you.

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