Some review on my code fro the wiki searcher

Hi guys,

Please review my code for the wiki app and let me know any comments or suggestions please.
it would be very helpful to get some feed back.
I would love to know how did you guys manage to build the url for the request, it was a bit tricky since there are sooo many options in the wiki API

anyways thanks in advance.

My app -> Wiki vwr

very nice design, but when I typed Enter it didn’t work

EDIT: I did on my project, keyCode 27 is the touch Enter then I start my function toggleSearch(ev) you are the same on jQuery.

  document.addEventListener( 'keydown', function( ev ) {
    var keyCode = ev.keyCode || ev.which;
    if( keyCode === 27 && isOpen ) {
  } );

hey @xavierartot, thanks for taking a look, what I did is disable entirely the functionality by doing:

$('form input').on('keypress', function(e) { return e.which !== 13; });

I guess I could try yours to enable it again.

everyone hit Enter?
If i don’t have this feature the script doien’t work and I quit the page.

Good point I just figure ppl will use the btn, jejej

I don’t get your english Sir ?