Some suggestions for my portfolio page!

Hello everyone, I’m very happy to share my recently obtained FCC Web Design certification.
I’d love to hear some feedback for my Portfolio Page :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I had to modify it in order to pass the tests, but it doesn’t look too bad. I believe that the last two sections need some adjustments in regard to design. Of course, I’m looking forward to hearing all your suggestions :slight_smile:

Hello Alessio,

Looks like this is the updated work of previously one you submitted?
(maybe)This could be better to reply the previous post for informing about the update.

Anyway, I see some good progress, especially about the layout, but as you check it’s still broken for mobile!

I suggest you remove the grid-gap: 20px; from .services css rule. and instead apply padding for each grid cell. It helps you to manage and debug any broken layout easier.

One main reason about your broken layout is the .container class I see you set min-width: 350px;! please don’t.

I suggest you add div as child for #projects tags, and then insert the anchor tags inside the div. Also add some padding, there is no space between the text and screen edge, check:

GO for hamburger like top navigation/menu as your top navigation is a little large I think especially for mobile. It wastes some notable space, humburger like menu could help too much here.

Overall I fond this update very progressive, very good Alessio.

Keep going on great work, happy programming.