Some thoughts about curriculum

Be aware that my observations are based on my own experience on forum/curriculum. Such experience of mine is not signifcant I’m afraid.

Just finished Debugging section of JS.

There was some important message in this step.
One syntax-level issue that fast typers can commiserate with is the humble spelling error.

So it’s all about the importance of syntax.

When I was doing Responsive Web Design course, I had no issues with syntax, but it’s mainly because I have some coding background, not much, but enough to understand how one semicolon, for example, can mess all code up.

And when I am on the forum I see many help requests when people are doing Responsive Web Design course and struggling with missing spaces, commas, case sensitivity…

Responsive Web Design course is the first course for many people.
What if in some challenge steps there would be some messages(maybe just a couple more) like ones from JS Debugging section about importance of syntax?

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I think this is inferred with the nature of how HTML/CSS are used as both are essentially only syntax.

I agree having this pointed out early might be beneficial to help some people realize that typos happen. However debugging those typos is a skill in itself, as they can happen anywhere at any time. Sometimes it also helps to get a second pair of eyes on the same piece of code.

HTML also is actually very forgiving, making things trickier as there wont be a nice error thrown when things are invalid most of the time. I believe the test suite could be written to point out common mistakes, but this isn’t always possible and requires more work.

Regardless, I like the idea. :slight_smile:

I was imagining:
What if I’m a person who had never wrote ANY code, but (as plenty of folks) have expirience with social networks.
There are no consequences when my comment on YouTube, for example, is full of typos/errors.

And now I am here, I am coding.
I would like to get some message: “Hey, man, we are coding now, you know, commas are important” better earlier than later

I was driven by this thought when decided to write this post.

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