Somebody to help me to understand what the $ does -- REGEX

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"Code Camp".replace(/(\w+)\s(\w+)/, '$2 $1');
// Returns "Camp Code"

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let str = "one two three";
let fixRegex = /change/; // Change this line
let replaceText = ""; // Change this line
let result = str.replace(fixRegex, replaceText);

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Challenge: Use Capture Groups to Search and Replace

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This part uses the regex which targets a word and then a space and then another word. Then it applies the second word to the front and the first word to the last. There is A LOT more happening than what I explained, but that’s the basic of what is happening.

\w+ means grab a word one or more times
\s means grab a space
$2 and $1 means to grab the matched words and align . $ means start of a string or end of astring depending on where it is put

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Thanks :slight_smile: