Someone please answer this?

after you finish with html & css do you go onto javascript algorithms & data structures because it seems so hard and confusing? im wondering am i learning in the correct order?

Yes, after HTML/CSS is JavaScript. Javascript is harder than HTML, yes. That’s normal.

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thats great, thank you for your reply!

Hi @murrscode !

JavaScript is hard for a lot of beginners because you are also learning the basics of programming in addition to learning javascript.

For the first few months, there will be a tons of information dumped on you all at once and it can be overwhelming at first. Just try to take it day by day and continually practice and build projects along the way. That is when these concepts will start to make more sense.

Hope that helps!


the amount of info to remember seems daunting for sure but i will take your advise and take it day by day. thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

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