Someone please help me

It’s been four years since i am into the coding stuff, still I am not able to accomplish anything worthwhile and as the time is getting passed I am getting tensed and depressed. I don’t know what to do and specially how to do it at all. I have no strategy about what to do. Every day I woke up and spent entire day before the computer and going to bed with frustration and repeat. I have no social life, no friends, no confidence, it feels like will I ever accomplish anything worthwhile in life or not. Please help me.

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Hi @smdekate !

Welcome to the forum!

First and foremost, mental health is important.
If you are struggling with depression please seek help so you can get better and find a path to happiness and wellness.

Secondly, start with the end goal and work backwards.

What is the end goal?

To get a job as a developer at a company?
To start a freelancing career?

To start your own company?

Once you figure out what path you want to take then you can slowly work out a plan to get there.

But if you don’t know where you are going then you will always feel like you are not progressing anywhere.

Hope that helps!


Hello there, and I’m sorry for whatever you’re going through. I have also been there
My advice is this…First figure out what it is you want to major in, could be web dev, mobile dev, etc.
Once you do that then stick to a routine.
for example, when I was learning Web dev, I decided that I would spend at least 2 hours a day learning web dev from freecodecamp. The good thing about freecodecamp’s curriculum is that its so simplified making it easier to follow.
The important thing is that you learn a new concept everyday, in the long-run it’ll all add up

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We are often told, when we feel stuck, “take action!” It is felt that doing something is better than doing nothing at all.

But action alone isn’t enough. Actions might be reviewing a YouTube video out completing a freecodecamp certification. These are great things, but they should be an action with motion.

  • I’m reviewing this YouTube video so i can learn more about firebase, because i have an app idea.
  • I’m working on the responsive web design certification because i plan on designing a well-crafted portfolio, which i can then present as part of my portfolio!
  • I’m doing this thing, as part of heading in that direction.

Action without intent, without motion, is treading water. It’s not swimming. It’s not moving toward something.

When you first got interestedin web design and development, what sparked your interest? What’s your why?

I will try, it’s interesting about Web dev.

thank you very much it helped me a lot.

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