Someone stole my project code

I have recently received email from Google that my key to Maps JavaScript API has been used by someone else. They provided me with the link to that project, so I checked it and found out that someone has copied my whole project - Build a Product Landing Page which is part of Responsive Web Design Certification.
Link to project rubrics:
That person only changed images and texts but HTML is exactly the same. He even didn’t change images alt attributes. He changed my name in copyright to his name. He didn’t copy JS file which was only used to load Google maps, but he left script tag with my key to Google API and left div where map is loaded. I have done this project in 2018 and they are on codepen and github for almost 2 years.
I probably wouldn’t know about plagiarism if I haven’t been noticed by Google. This person should be banned from using freeCodeCamp.

Who I can contact in freeCodeCamp to provide more details about this person, links to my and his codepen. What else I should do in this matter?

From the Academic Honesty Policy: (you can find it at )

As an academic institution that grants achievement-based certifications, we take academic honesty very seriously. If you have any questions about this policy, or suspect that someone has violated it, you can email and we will investigate.