Someone tell me what is wrong here?

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I have literally written this so many other ways. I looked up the video for it and even tried what he did. I have not touched the variables and made it into a string but yet it says that I have not included all 4 variables when I clearly have? Someone help please.

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var myNoun = "dog";
var myAdjective = "big";
var myVerb = "ran";
var myAdverb = "quickly";

// Only change code below this line
var wordBlanks = "The " + myNoun + "" + myVerb +"." + "" + myAdjective + "" + myAdverb + "."; // Change this line
// Only change code above this line

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Challenge: Word Blanks

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Make sure you separate the words with spaces. In your code you are concatenating some variables to create another word. You shouldn’t do that. Try

var wordBlanks = "The " + myNoun + " " + myVerb +" ." + " " + myAdjective + " " + myAdverb + " ."

Note there are many ways of creating space between the words. What i have provided here is just one of them

I feel like I did this the first time it told me it was wrong, but thank you thou! I will revise this again to get a good grip on the idea.

please do not ask for help with challenges in #support , it is not even part of the main feed so most people don’t see it