Someone with a creative background that just started to learn

Hello community.
I’m not an english speaker, so I’m sorry in advance for any grammatical mistakes.

I’m a 21 years old Comms college student here in Latin America and I just started to learn a couple of days ago.
I really love my degree, as it gives me an outlet to express my ideas and audiovisual creations. I’m specially interested in writing and audio creations, such as podcasts.
I would like to continue doing the creative works I have been doing, but sadly, I can’t say it will be a very stable full time career at the moment.

So here’s my idea:
Is it too crazy for me to try to become a professional Web Dev to maintain myself economically and, at the same time, creating audiovisual content?
I’m thinking to use my knowledge in design to get in Front-End first and then climb up into maybe Full-Stack. I’ve never had a problem with logic and numbers and I’m really enjoying the work. But seeing the amount of work that Java seems to be has me kinda intimidated.

What is your opinion?

Hi @nicolascetina2013!

Welcome to the forum!

It is definitely possible to work full time as a developer. But is sounds like your creative endeavors will probably become a hobby since you will be working 8+ hours a day at a full time job. And that’s not just software but any full time job. There is only so many hours in the day.

I think you are referring to JavaScript and yes it can be intimidating. I have been learning for 5 months and certain concepts really start to make sense. As I start to dive deeper I am learning new things that the language has to offer.

Thanks for the early reply!

This is something I’ve been thinking about recently and while it makes me sad, I think it might be something I need to start taking seriously. The economic situation in my home country is becoming pretty uncertain, and getting a traditional work at a radio station seems to not only be pretty sketchy in the current climate, but it also doesn’t appeal to me all that much, as I want to create stuff by myself.

Plus, I have always been interested to get into tech, but never found any particular field to start on until now, so I think this might be a good start.

Yep, that’s the one. That’s the thing I’m noticing with most programming languages I’ve come across, but it seems that the only way to learn is to actually start with the actual language. I just hope I don’t get too caught up with it.

Thanks again for the response!

Well, what you could do is study to become a web developer and work for a few years. Keep expenses low and save up as much money as you can. Then you can come up with a business that combines the your creative endeavors with web development.

This would be a longer plan obviously , but you could find ways to combine the two and come up with your dream career.

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For sure learn to code,

It is a long slog though so be prepared for that, it’s unlikely you would get to a level where someone would want to employ you within a couple of months… it can happen but it’s not the norm, so I wouldn’t count on it being a good side-hustle as learning to program is difficult and takes time,

I assume you mean JavaScript rather than Java (two different programming languages), you’re right it is a huge language with many styles and libraries and there’s a lot to learn and it does take a long time, but if you keep investing time and learning and practicing consistently you can get the hang of it for sure,

I think it’s possible just be realistic in terms of timescale, you’re probably talking 1-2 years to develop a sense of competence rather than 3 months, and it’s continual work and practice,

Best of luck

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