Something I noticed about the Javascript calculator project

I was just about done (or so I thought) with the functionality portion when I realized that I hadn’t taken order of operations into consideration. Ironically, I found that once I had fixed it to include order of operations, I needed less code. I am also finding that arrays and for loops can solve just about anything. A couple of things to fix, then the tough part for me: making it look halfway decent.


Yeah, having the right plan can make all the difference. There’s an old saying - “weeks of coding can save you hours of planning”.

It’s tough in the beginning because it’s all so new, but as you get more experience, you’ll be able to see more possible ways to solve a problem and have a better sense of the advantages and disadvantages of each.


As someone whos also doing that same challenge I fully agree just about finished and when I look at all the loops I see I can simplify it so much now.

The biggest challenge thus far has been the “CE” button. It’s amazing how the smallest things turn out to be the biggest challenges…