Something I want to share with you guys

I want to express a lot of stuff but my grip on language is not so good … Apologize on that guys.
Couple of months ago( like In January) I got a call from one of senior for a internship and I got very excited for this, cause I really need to step in to the real world and this step was really important to me because my degree is going to end in May and I don’t even know that what to do and how to do … In simple words “Zero Skills” . So I joined that software house but literally it was a painful experience. People there always try to break me down with there words, with there actions, discourage me that I’m not good enough etc etc.
All the way from my office I just keep thinking and sometimes even start crying that why I choose this field. Why these things are always happen to me ??
Then after 2 months(In April) I fall in some family crisis and I decide to leave that hell place so I can pay attention to my home.
After sometime when I came out from all of this, then I again decide to find another place because the time is ticking and I still don’t have enough skills to place any job in this field.
So I have completed my degree a couple of weeks ago but don’t have enough skills to get some place…
I don’t know what will happen next …

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@billy.s56 I appreciate that you open up in such a situation it takes a great amount of courage. And on that note so does the situation changing also take courage and a lot of effort. opening up to the right places matter and seeking help when needed is essential for growth and please don’t join the places where you will face a toxic environment.
Eventually, I have a piece of great news for you that you have started improving because you are on FCC it’s proof that you no longer have that “ZeroSkills” anymore, and further down the road you only going to get better so keep it up brother. :fist_right: :fist_left:

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@pawantekade22 Thank you so much man for the words …

Hi @billy.s56 !

First off, I am sorry to hear about your experience. Internships during college can be a beneficial experience for growth and learning. But unfortunately, there are companies out there who will take advantage of young adults who just want to get started in the real world.

I am assuming you graduated with a cs degree. Is that correct?

Even though you just graduated you still have access to career and alumni services.

Most schools will have resources for students and alumni to help them transition into their first jobs.

I would look into that.

Also, if you have any professors or other instructors that you would consider a mentor, I would reach out to them.

They can assess your work and current skill level and work with you on good next steps.

Hope that helps!

“I am assuming you graduated with a cs degree. Is that correct?”
yes you are totally correct …
and I’m trying to figure it out that what kind of transition I can get !

But you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Any decent college will have resources in place to help young college kids transition into the real world. :grinning:

Dear Billy,

First of all, know your why. This is really important, I mean, really important!

Find exactly why you decide to code and what you want to achieve.

With this, you will know what you do and answer so much questions which you can have.

Look, I spent years for knowing what I want to do with computer science. I tried even to leave CS, but I couldn’t. The code is always calling me even when I didn’t code (ok, it’s too much, but when I searched stuff on internet and finding CS news and code snippets I couldn’t walk away).

And you know what? I don’t know what you feel correctly, but I had bad jobs too, so I started working as a freelancer (even if I am open to jobs).

So, remember: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT if some company is bad. Many are, but there are even good companies.

Also, if you really don’t like code, you are not forced to do it, but that must be your choice.

I can only say code can open you so many doors, but it isn’t easy, as many things in life.

What you will do? I’d like to know.

Have a good day!

@michaelprimo … I really appreciate for your time man :heart: and the answer is this :
I’m not forcing myself for this and really want to work on my skills but the thing is … I tried alot to find someone who can help me and guide me on this but couldn’t find yet … I big thing is coming in my way that is :

I don’t why I loose hope and get so much negative
that make me paralyze so, couldn’t even help myself

because I’m fed up from myself and finding myself overwhelmed most of the time !!!

It’s ok. Then focus better on what you want and start small. I mean, if you are doing JavaScript, try to make a button which do something, like showing a variable, getting bigger, making sounds or whatever. Find something you are interested and make a project about it. Thinking like a programmer helps to know if you like being a programmer. If you hate even doing small projects or stuff like showing an image and rotating it, then you should think twice on why you are feeling that way and try other things on the field (competitive programming, machine learning, game development… maybe it is only web development the problem and you like an other side of CS). If you like it, then go forward one step at the time.

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Don’t lose hope…find the motivation to try to keep improving…


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