Something is not right with my landing page

Hello all!

When I run the test it says 16/16, but my heart says something is not right. Am I correct?

Thanks in advance.

I think it looks pretty good, but things can always get better. If you’re looking for feedback, here’s a couple things:

" Let’s your dream filled with happiness"

should be

“Let your dreams be filled with happiness” or
“Lets your dream be filled with happiness” (depending on what you’re trying to say)

That color font on the pink background is not the easiest to read. Maybe use this tool to find something a bit more accessible?

  1. Having the email request right up front looks a bit weird to me… I think if I were a customer, I would want to understand why I should sign up before singing up–so maybe put that below the text?

  2. The “Smoothies” logo in the upper left looks has a rectangular white background, but it looks like it should really be pink like everything else. So I’d recommend either using a logo with a transparent background (so it will go on the pink smoothly) or change the whole background to white, so it will all flow together.

Good luck!

Hello @CactusWren2020. Thank you very much for your advise. I have corrected most of things you have told me. I’m struggling with the image part. I’m working on it. Thank you very much. The tools provided are awesome.

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