Something is wrong! - Feedback please

Hi Guys,

I finally went around and completed the tribute page project. And I decided to stick to what was taught, and not use any fancy JS. However, I know something is wrong ! Is it the color scheme ? the font ? or the CSS ? I am not sure.

Can you please provide some honest feedback here…

Appreciate in advance :slight_smile:

Note: I am unable to post the link. Link: Please add “Wrustan/full/gZzpVm” after codepen:dot:io


Your tests are fine, so nothing is wrong.
But something that could improve the readability of the interface is to make a small width of

tags, centralized, so it will leave some nice empty space on both sides, making your page thinner and lighter. And your lists are out of indention, place it toward the center a bit more. And maybe add some padding on the top/bottom of your footer text. The color scheme is mono, leaning to cold themes, combined with the font it results in a more classic style, nothing wrong but if you want could implement a complement or triadic color scheme.

I hope to help.

See ya

Hello, wrustancodes.

I see nothing “wrong” with your page. I do understand you may not be satisfied with they styling of the page, but it isn’t necessary to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. It’s a fine page and in the future you can return and change it as your skill increases.

@BenJohannson Thanks for the feedback !!