Something I've just figured out...thought I'd share ;)

Yeah, I’ll share with my “beloved…family” :wink: although I’m thinking some of you think I’m “un-teachable” lol :roll_eyes: yeah, but tbh, I still think js is difficult, esp for newbs…

Anyway, what I’ve just come to realize…we (as students) AREN’T really here to actually “study” the materials, we’re NOT here to actually learn code, we aren’t here to memorize code so to speak although it SEEMS like it right…
I’m busy recapping and only figured this out now…we are ACTUALLY here…to UNDERSTAND how this stuff works, how to implement it. Once we can actually “join the dots” so to speak we’re better off than when we started “studying” this stuff. I’d even go as far as saying that here…“studying” isn’t really “learning” as such, it’s more about “understanding” the stuff. I find it very cool that I actually picked this up :wink:
Anyway, heads up to you (if this helps you) :wink:


Yeah, I get where you’re coming from. I don’t really understand:

I’d even go as far as saying that here…“studying” isn’t really “learning” as such, it’s more about “understanding” the stuff.

To me, studying was always about “understanding”. Sometimes you do just have to learn things by rote, but understanding was always more interesting to me.

I phrase it a little differently. I say that the goal is not to memorize all this stuff, but to know what is possible and how to use it and how to look it up. No one can memorize all this stuff. A working developer is constantly looking things up online - google, stack overflow, documentation, etc. On an average day, I probably have to do that a dozen times.

Maybe we’re saying similar things, just in different ways.


we are on the same page…re understanding

we are on same page…

being an EE graduate , i know as facts memorizing is bad, understanding core concepts is key. when u memorize , the professors can just alter the problem and it be like you learned nothing from studying because without the concepts , that becomes a whole new problem to you .

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I agree with you there)

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