"Something went wrong, please try again later"

Hi everyone. I just started Javascript yesterday and I have spent hours trying to figure out whats up. Each time I try to ‘Run Tests’, I got the error saying “Something went wrong, please try again later”

My WiFi is working, all is good. Is anyone else going through this???

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That’s an error threw when the test is not able to check your solution: maybe a closing tag, missing parentheses or something similar ( at least that’s where I found it ).
You can post your code so far to get some help, or you can reset your code and look at the solution blurred below if you’re in a hurry ^^

var remainder = 11%3;

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Thank you for being a beta tester. When you find a bug, please report it as a GitHub Issue.

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MAKES SENSE! Thank you.

I did freecodecamp.org HTML and CSS and then I was advised to do it all over again using beta. I like it a lot more. I did notice a difference in the order of things. Can you tell me what the key differences are?

I am really really enjoying beta a lot!

Thanks :):sunglasses:

Thanks for getting back to me. Thought something was wrong. Well, something else, hehe.


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Sections have been added to the curriculum, the projects have been updated to address common issues with third party APIs and add automated acceptance tests, the UX has been improved, and major behind the scenes changes have been made to improve the long term stability of FCC.

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