Sometimes I feel I won't be successful at coding

Am always nervous anytime am learning to code and I have a feeling of not being successful at it ever in my life
And that I am just wasting my time
I need encouragement :sweat::sweat:

No matter how good you are at something there’s always people better than you. So maybe just focus thinking about how to get this one project to work, how to get better at coding than you were yesterday. Then you are getting more successful at coding, day by day. You do need a plan to achieve certain goals but don’t be too harsh to yourself if your goal sometimes feels too far away. You’re already doing great. It’s more important to keep yourself happy and motivated.

I myself is just a beginner at coding but I’ve been trained as a illustrator for years. Many times I feel like I’ll never ever be good enough at drawing and painting to get a decent job in the illustration industry. I got frustrated and couldn’t make myself to start drawing again. I doubted whether it was the right choice to study art. Once I stopped comparing myself with others I felt much better.


Thank you soo much. I really appreciate this word of encouragement


I’ve eperienced burnout numerous times throughout my coding journey. Why? Well because I saw the amazing creations people were pushing out like hotcakes and thought “I have no idea where these people even came up with these ideas” and it was very discouraging. I thought I was wasting my time like you. Until :drum: :drum: I stopped comparing myself to others!

When you see someone else demonstrate an amazing showcase of talent, whether it be in the form of a project or general know how. You only see the finished result. Think about it, first it wasn’t there and now it’s there! They must be a coding wizard! On the flip note here you are spending countless weeks and feel as if you’re no where close to being on the same level as that person…

What you don’t see is the time they spent on that project or the amount of research and study they had to do to get on that level, you only see the shiny finished result. I’m sure if you sat down with that person you might hear an amazing story of persistence and triumph. Hell, you might even find out that they feel their work is that of a beginner or that they themselves feel feelings of imposter syndrome.

Listening to podcasts from coders with different backgrounds will really open your eyes to this mindset. You’ll hear stories from people that came from foreign countries and had nothing but a phone to code on. People that didn’t even start their coding journey until their 50’s+. Everyone has their struggles and everyone. Absolutely everyoneeeee starts out as a complete an utter beginner. That beginner stage may start at different parts in life but the fact is no one is born a great coder, and to add to this no one is an expert as coding. There’s always knowledge to be learned and ideas to wade through. Someone may have a better understanding than you but you’d be surprised that there may be things you can teach them surprisingly!

The only thing that you could do that would be disappointing would be to give up. If you really have a passion for this type of work, then go for it. Celebrate every concept you start to understand, every project you’re satisfied with, and every line of code you type.

The only thing that will hold you back, isn’t another person, it’s yourself!

(Sorry about the long winded response, this feeling you have is something I could really relate to)


I’m a software development student on my last year of a degree and only recently stopped feeling the way you do. The thing that helped me has already been suggested above, be happy for your own successes (regardless of how small they are) and honestly don’t compare yourself to other people.

As Asteria said, there will always be people better than you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the same level of success :wink:

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