Sometimes I think this is not for me

At the beginning of my learning since I got started in 2021, Many things were so easy in HTML and CSS. I had some difficulty in JavaScript, but now everything seems clear to me. Completed my JS Data Structure and Algorithm certification with a bit of problems, but I’m still studying the language and mastering some advanced topics. But the one thing that is making feel a sad and frustrated is “React”, I’m having more problems in “React”, I’m completing the final part of the course, but I think I need to review old topics. This is point that sometimes I think about quitting. I need some advice friends.

Just completed JS Data Structures and Algorithm too. Keep going. It may seem you are not learning anything. but finishing the course gives you a lot. Try taking on a number of projects too

I had some difficulty in JavaScript but I started to understand some advanced topics. I completed the JS certification facing difficulty but my main problem is being react. Rect is more complicated compared to Jquery, SASS and Bootstrap.

That is true to a large extent

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Yes, it is my friend!

Do you think it’s “not for” you because you’re finding it difficult or because you dislike it?

If you’re just concerned about finding this difficult, then try to remember that learning all this is difficult. Even when you already have several overlapping skills, learning new languages and domains can be confusing. If it’s all new, then of course it’s hard.


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