Somthing positive worth sharing

On friday I finished up making my porfolio page. That same day I happened to be discussing an unrelated topic online in a discord chat. During that conversation several people were invited to join in, a few from this group that is creating a new Informational Show for youtube, the group in this conversation included the shows host, a documentary film maker, and various folks involved in this project. Mostly all donating time, resources and such to help get this project off the group.

As it turns out, from that meeting, the group got free web hosting and I was asked to build the website for the group. Its all donated time and such from all of us, but the cool part is I was not even expecting to get a chance to work on a website at this point in time.

There is something magic about being part of freecodecamp I think.

I said this to myself when I decided to start this journey on freecodecamp…have faith in yourself and just know something is going to happen, dont expect it, dont try to force it, just let it happen.

I will say this for anyone, what ever it is you want to achieve from freecodecamp, trust yourself, have faith in yourself. Something small and unexpected can change something big for you at any point in time.


Thanks for your positivity

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