Soon finished my personal portfolio

If any feedback I would be happy :slight_smile: Click here

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You should put more time into spacing objects on the page. Take a look at this one for example.

Also on codepen there is a different place to enter everything that goes into the head (meta, title, links etc). It can be found by clicking the gear icon on the HTML tab and there is a section “stuff for head”.

Yes, I have problems with spacing objects. I will work on it more. Thank you for your proposal and sharing link.

Don’t make the footer fixed, it just takes up so much screen real estate. Reduce the navbar’s height too. Beyond that, I think it’s clean and has a nice color palette.

I got it. Thank you imtoobose :slight_smile:

If you have time I would like to see your re- design on my page.

If I make footer not to fixed bottom It is sliding up to center of the page??

Yes I will try to make it today, though I noticed you have a lot of opened div elements, so it’s hard to manage. You should close them using </div>. Also to change font color you don’t do font-color: black; it’s just color: black;

If you have height on the previous section, before footer remove it. It should to that.

I cleared the letter “font” but after removed the height nothing changed.

I dig the overall look! keep it up!

I will see into it. I’m already done with re-designing everything besides contact section.

I will upload my version on a separate github repository and credit you. If you still mind about that - let me know, I will take it down.

Nice work! fotonist. Besides those, you can probably try to add (target="_blank") inside those three link buttons. This will open another page and link to whatever you wrote in the button. :slight_smile:

Thank you my friends :slight_smile: I will take consider your valuable offers