Sorry. Don't know how to delete a post once it's up

Was having a problem but figure it out.

I think it needs to be document.getElementById("temp");

And I don’t know what editor you’re using, but it’s adding smart quotes. You want “dumb” quotes as smart quotes are going to cause problems. Are you using a word processor?

Don’t delete the post. Someone else may have the same exact problem. If you are confused by something, someone else will be too. Let us all learn from your mistakes, just like you can learn from ours. You can post a solution to your own problem. I’ve done that a few times myself.

And please format your code so it is readable - 3 backticks (key above ESC) on the line before and on the line after for code blocks:

And you may want to consider using codepen - it will make it so much easier to get help on the forum.

Thanks for the advice. I guess I got halfway through reading my own question and discovered my mistake and corrected it.

I’m going to try again. Thanks for the advice on formatting the code correctly.

All the best,



I’m using Brackets. Any advice on settings?



I have used CodePen in the past and for a beginning student I didn’t feel I wanted to fork over the $12 a month for uploading more files etc. So I found it somewhat limiting.

I also have a hosting reseller’s account so it’s easy to setup a subdomain and I have more freedom.



As far as Brackets, I haven’t used it. I find it odd that a code editor would default to using smart (curly) quotes - in general dumb (straight) quotes are going to be much safer. I’m sure there’s some in the settings you can change.

With regards to codepen, none of the frontend projects really require uploading files - I’ve just used the free service. It just will make it so much easier if you need help for us to actually see what you are doing and make changes and see the results. There have been times when I see questions with three pages of code listed that I’m supposed to read through and I just skip it because I don’t have time to set everything up to run it.

Are you required to use codepen? No. But you’re eventually going to have to share it when you finish. There are other options, but codepen fits the bill and many use it. And it’s easy to export from codepen to “the real world.”

True, codepen has its limitations. It’s great for small little projects where you can fit everything into one file. But until you get to the backend, it works great for the FCC stuff. Eventually your personal projects will get too big for codepen, but I still use it for quick and dirty testing things out, especially JS algorithms. It’s great for that.

But it’s up to you.

OK, you convinced me. I’m pretty sure I can make it work.



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