Sorry posted wrong page 1st. THIS is my tribute page

You can edit existing posts you know!

I did not know. That was my first post. But noted, I will figure it out.

I don’t like the justified text. The image aspect ratio looks warped.
& please read up on accessibility:

I am pretty new here. If you don’t mind my asking. Where did get the link for the accessibility?

If you have a look around this forum you will see that there is a new version of the course being developed. It is in beta testing and Quincy is inviting users to try it:

There is a section on accessibility there.

Well, it fulfills the user stories so good job on that! At the same time, I would say you could work on the design more. Think a bit about different fonts… is a simple sans-serif font really the most logical choice for a tribute page to Winston Churchill? We’ve learned in the course how to import fonts from Google, so you could experiment with this. The centered list items don’t make for a very readable experience, I would probably justify them on the left. Perhaps some more spacing between the various sections (page title, image, timeline, quote) could make the information more easily readable too.
Keep it up! I’m working on my own tribute page right now and will post it soon!

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Thank you for the criticism. I will go back and check all that out. That was the first time I have ever made and webpage and I can take all the pointers I can get.

Great! We’re all learning here.