Sort Array using splice and push and Math.min

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I have an array of numbers and I want to sort them ascending.
but my loop is not going in all arr.length why!
Copy my code and keep track of the console.log, you will understand the problem.

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why the for loop is not working for all (arr.length)!?!

function getIndexToIns(arr, num) {
let x = [] ,y;
for(let i=0; i<=arr.length; i++){
   y = Math.min(...arr); console.log(y)

getIndexToIns([40, 60,70,30,50,100,3,66], 50);

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Modifying the array you are iterating over is generally not a good idea. arr.length changes as you modify the array:

Side note: as a rule of thumb, if you write a for loop but never use the iteration variable, then you don’t actually want to use a for loop.