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Hi, when I run this code on IDLE, everything comes out fine just like how it should.
But only when I run this on test it’s keep giving me this test failed.

I think the answer has to be (’ 3801 123\n’, ‘- 2 + 49\n’, ‘------ -----\n’)
but my answer is ’ 3801 123\n- 2 + 49\n------ -----’

Honestly on IDLE it’s the same, but it’s not the same on Replit and I don’t know how to make it the same. Can you please help me? I shared the Replit link.

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Challenge: Arithmetic Formatter

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Your function has 3 returns - which shouldn’t work at all O.o
A return ENDS the function, if encountered. So only the first one would be executed.

Then you wrote your arithmetic arranger both in the main.py and in the seperate file. That can only cause confusion.

Finally, right now there is a syntax error - so I cannot execute your code to get the error message. Most of the time, the error is excess spaces at the end of the lines.

Plus, you should be able to link to the project WITHOUT giving people access to the editor. I haven’t checked how but it’s recommended because right now I could write around in your code and that’s not good ^^°

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