Sound in help video

I believe there is sound available with the help video on HTML & JAVA learning . I have sound in all other items I open and cannot see that sound is pop up blocked, etc.
have tried firefox & chrome.
any suggestions appreaciated.

please add more infos
what video? what challenge?

please give infos on how to replicate the issue you have met

Hello, Thanks for looking at this with me.
When I click on help button watch a video on my PC in both chrome & firefox browser no sound plays with the video. If I play on my ipad or iphone the sound comes through. The Volume is up on the video window and on browser. If I open a different window I can play youtube or whatever and have sound.
The first video in Basic JavaScript: Comment Your JavaScript Code is an example of this issue.
I get no pop ups or warning about content or why sound would not play.

Thanks again for your help.

I don’t think it is a freecodecamp issue, there is something in your browser settings that is stopping the audio coming through