Sound Machine Feedback

Hi! I would appreciate feedback on my Sound (not drum) Machine Project including design.

Sound Machine Project

Thank you very much!

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What a fun looking project. The sounds are good too. A few suggestions:

  • As I change the height of my browser window the keypad stays in one spot but the apple moves up/down. This doesn’t happen when the browser window is very narrow.
  • The worm is only clickable by the mouse so I can’t use the keyboard to change modes. I understand why you don’t want to use a button in this instance but you need to make the worm div emulate a button. Personally, I would just use a button.
  • As I manually increase the text size the key pad shifts downward and eventually falls below the apple. Also the worm travels inward and eventually covers the keypad.
  • As I manually decrease the text size the key pad shift upward and eventually rises above the apple

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback! :relaxed:

How do you suggest to fix the height thing of your first point? :thinking:

I don’t have time to give you specific details about how to fix this but it seems to me that you need to decide whether everything should remain in a fixed position as you change the height or whether everything should adjust as you change the height. Right now the apple adjusts to height changes while the keypad stays in a fixed position. But as I mentioned above, when I narrow my browser as far as it will go then both of them are in a fixed position at the top of the page as I change the height. So you already have a solution to this for narrow widths, I suppose you could just use that for wider widths.