Source for New Projects?

Does anyone have a good resource for generating new projects to help practice newly learned skills?

I just finished the Responsive Web Design section and enjoyed doing the projects. I’ve just got into the JS section, but I’d still like to go back into HTML/CSS to practice creating layouts. Thing is, I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking of something to create. I’d just like a resource to tell me, “Hey, build this!” so that I have something to work off of.

Ideally, I’d like something similar for when I finish the JS section too.

Are there sites that have a collection of these kinds of projects lying around?

Alternatively, if someone can recommend a way for me to quickly come up with projects to work on, I’m all ears. I tried doing that at the end of the Responsive Web Design section, and ended up taking too much time admiring nice-looking websites and not enough time actually generating work.

You should look at the curriculum projects provided by FCC.

For HTML/CSS practice layouts:
Google something along the lines of “free website templates”. Find some you like and download the source code to your local computer. Depending on the site, downloading should give you the assets so that you can just start writing your HTML & CSS. I do this to practice, making a copy of the downloaded folder - but removing the HTML and CSS (and JavaScript if applicable) so that the assets (ie: images, fonts) are just there and ready to go.

As for projects, have you come across P1xt’s guides yet?

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Thanks for the replies. I’m gonna check out both of those resources.

This is a great idea, and something I never thought of. One of the most annoying parts for me when building a “practice” website is finding generic images and assets to work with. Thank you!