Space and enter buttons not working properly?

Hi new guy here, decided I wanted a career change and I’m trying to give coding a shot. I’m currently following the free code camp program for html and have been having an issue.

Currently I’ve added an input text field and now trying to add a button to submit.

If I wanted to add the button after the input I click at the end of the line and hit enter. This somehow then creates another input field.

If I do get a clean line and start with “<button type” as soon as I hit space after button it creates more input fields and jumps a bunch of lines.

I hope I explained this well enough to understand as it’s really my first day doing any kind of coding.

This is all using Chrome

are you on a touch device? keyboards of touch devices are often not compatible with the editor used by freecodecamp

No I am currently using my laptop. It was working fine last night.

I have just downloaded firefox and it seems to not have the issue there.