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Is there a way I can add spacing between the images? I tried adding grip gap, space between etc etc… but none of them did not work. Also I already tried margin and padding, I did not like the outcome because I am trying to the make image fit inside the red border without adding spacing…(I hope I am not confusing you…)
Thanks in advance…

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Hi @Kasakapen !
I tried and came up with this solution(It may not be the best)

#card {
border: red solid;
height: 100%;
margin-right: 10px;  

This adds a space but will cause problems if you are going to add more projects.

I am trying to make a card, so I need the image to be inside the border without any space inside the border… if that makes sense…

EDIT: just realized you were right, gosh I am so dumb lol, thank you so much for the help!!!

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