Specific courses for job prep?

Some schools and bootcamps have specific job preparation time at the end of the track, some even have this as a capstone. I know FCC also has this kind of prep.

Does anyone know of a program that lets non-students into their job prep program without all the earlier work (I’m self taught in everything in FCC except D3)?

I know there are free resources for this but if anywhere could use some personalized supervision I think this area may be worth it. Curious what other options we have if any.

I don’t see what the incentive for such a program would be. I think your best bet is local meetups and practice with recently-hired devs (or not-so-recently). Especially the FCC meetups. We all have an interest in seeing each other hired, since it improves the reputation of this MOOC. Plus, it gets you in touch with the local dev community and sends the message that you’re looking to get hired. Work on “cracking the coding interview” together with others. Lead. Teach. Be visible.

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