Specify Exact Number of Matches : error in the course

Sorry, I don’t know how to report a “bug” in the course.

Tell us what’s happening:

In the course JS regex (here), , there is written :

let A4 = "haaaah";
let A3 = "haaah";
let A100 = "h" + "a".repeat(100) + "h";
let multipleHA = /a{3}h/;
multipleHA.test(A4); // Returns false

This last line answers true and not false.

@pom421 Can you open an issue about this on GitHub if there isn’t one already? You may also want to check the closed issues.

It might not be too challenging (I haven’t tried it yet) to fix this yourself and submit a pull request.

Thank you for the links :+1:
I will try to send a PR