Spice Up My Portfolio?

I built this portfolio in about a week, except for the Simon Says game, which is still a WIP.

Please have a look: http://codepen.io/all_self_taught/

How can I spice up this portfolio to give it a “wow” factor to potential employers? One thing I’m sorely lacking is creatvie design skills.

Thank you to all who provide feedback and suggestions!

HI James , the link just leads to your codepen page. Was it suppose to be an actual portfolio page?

I know there’s a “portfolio project” in the map, but I was going to do that last, and wait until I finish the other projects, then make a “portfolio page”. But what I need feedback on is the individual projects that make up my “codepen portfolio”, such as tic-tac-toe, wikiviewer, random quote, etc.

I need suggestions to spice them up, because I have no good design skills.


ah right. I guess the first thing is everything is white haha. Not a major issue but maybe try out some different background colors and add google fonts to make some fancy headings/texts. I’m no expert myself but those two could spruce it up a little I guess!