Split complementary colour scheme

Hi guys
I’m trying to figure out how the scheme works, using this wheel https://i.stack.imgur.com/SBvcU.png

This scheme starts with a base color, then pairs it with the two colors that are adjacent to its complement

Orange = #FF7F00
Base color = FF ( red) , “two colors that are adjacent to its complement” according to the wheel it’s dark green + the one right to the light blue, how come the blue is on 00 then?
while the dark green is 7F?
This is according to my understanding, please let me understand why I am wrong.

I have decided to test it out, and turns out the difference between “00” to “55” for example is very small, I guess because there are many colours in that area so it makes no difference, that’s why the lesson chose value of “00”, correct me If I’m wrong please, appreciate it :slight_smile: