Split screen development

Sorry for the NUBE question, Is there a link that explains the HTML and CSS being on different screens for development? this was not covered in the challenges.

specifically, do you code back and forth or can you put in all the text and then add the CSS to make it look how you like?

I would like to get a link that explains the relationship between the split screens and what their rules are.


I have difficulty understanding what you want exactly. Is it on how to develop locally with split screens? Or using something like codepen?

Do you mean coding in a tool with split screens or across multiple monitors. If you mean a tool like code pen, You want to use each pane separately: https://codepen.io/hello/

But for most tools, say like a text editor there are no rules per se. If you put your css in a separate file, you need to use a link tag in your html to link it.

I think you’re talking about writing CSS in stylesheets (rather than in the html file). If you just research how to link stylesheets, you’ll see how to do that.

using codepen. I just recently finished the challenges and there was never a split screen like in codepen. is this the norm for development or is it just a codepen thing?

It’s just a thing on Codepen to make it easier to write the code online; many of those kind of sites which are there for writing tiny little throwaway toy/test applications have UIs that work that way (JSBin for example). In reality you use a text editor, and all of those bits are in different files anyway

Codepen is emulating linked stylesheets and linked scripts–separate CSS and Javascript files which are linked to your HTML document. However, in Codepen there is no need to include the otherwise required <link rel="stylesheet"> and <script src> tags that get your HTML to cooperate with those separate files.

It is the norm, but normally you’ll need to learn to link those files whereas Codepen does it for you.

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