Spoiler alert accessibility

Hey all, do we have any control over the spoiler alert mechanism in these forums? Right now the only way you can unblur it is to click with a mouse, which leaves out keyboard users.

There are also issues with the copy and expand buttons in the code snippets, but one thing at a time :slight_smile: I’m just wondering if we have any control over these sorts of things in the forums.

No, we do not: GitHub - discourse/discourse-spoiler-alert: A plugin for discourse to hide spoilers behind the spoiler-alert jQuery plugin

We can open an issue with Discourse about it. Would you be up to it? It needs to be done through Discourse’s forum; the GitHub repo has issues disabled.

For the copy button in code snippets, we can only enable/disable them .

For the expand buttons, they are nothing more than the details HTML element.

We can inject JS scripts to the Discourse ‘theme’, and alter the HTML how we want. This does not sound ideal, or fun to maintain either, though.

Thanks for the info Shaun. I have created a Discourse issue for this.

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