Sponsorship Survey Page - Responsiveness - Feedback

Take a look at my survey page project.
I learned a lot about screen responsiveness and had fun using @media to change the layout of my page.

Jiujitsu Fighter Sponsorship Application

Thanks for looking!

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Hi, this looks very very good and responsive! Nice work on that!

However when I dig into the code I see some problems:

  1. Why did you set method="GET" action="#" in a div instead of form tag? It’s invalid.

  2. There are a lot elements with the same id in your HTML, it’s not valid either. You should use class in this case.

  3. I think it would be nice if you set hover effects for the submit button.

Overall, this looks really nice and responsive.

Hey tkhquang,

I appreciate your feedback. I have improved my page thanks to the problems you made me aware of.
I know it has been three months now since I have submitted this post requesting feedback on my page. I am back on track and ready to keep improving!