Spotify playlists with CodeRadio name?

Hello all,

I really like the Code Radio freeCodeCamp playlists. But sometimes I like songs to be a bit more energetic. So I started creating Spotify playlists with my own picks, and ended up using the name “CodeRadio”.

But looking back at that decision I am not sure I should have done this. Are there any issues with this ? I am just creating them for fun and personal use but they are set to public so…

Thanks for the feedback.

that was amazing. I also have my favorite playlist on the spotify music app

Well since there are no replies (except spam apk). I guess I can simply put my playlist links here…

Feb 2020
Mar 2020
Apr 2020

Hey I am allowed 2 links per post now, so here are the links.

CodeRadio playlist links

  1. CodeRadio - Feb 2020
  2. CodeRadio - Mar 2020

Links, continued

CodeRadio playlists

  1. CodeRadio - Apr 2020
  2. CodeRadio - May 2020

Links, continued…

CodeRadio playlists

  1. CodeRadio - June - 2020
  2. To be continued…