Spotted "Blocked loading mixed active content"

Before today everything worked fine. But after lanch I suddenly spotted few errors in almost all my codepen io projects.
Blocked loading mixed active content ...
The problem is - codepen runs with https protocol. And some of my scripts(for example) ajax requests work on http.
So to avoid the error:
remove protocols! For example instead

This might be helpful!


my observation:

1.go to
2.Click “Edit Profile” button (top right corner)
3.Get back to your profile.
(or instead of all these 3 steps just go to
Some of you will notice that some of your projects will be completely broken.
Because you got to https mode and as I mentioned earlier -
Blocked loading mixed active content..
error will occure.
So it make sense to take care of your http or https compatibility

Codepen is still using http for me (unfortunately) on Google chrome… but thanks for the //www. trick that’s neat and will be useful!