Spring Boot/Maven + Ionic/Cordova

I am working on Spring Boot + Maven + Ionic + Cordova project. My Spring project is multi-module and I was wondering if I can somehow connect my Ionic/Cordova project with Spring Boot/Maven project in a way that when I run mvn clean install that it somehow builds Ionic aplication or runs it or anything like that. Im very familiar with both Spring Boot and Ionic and I really dont know if there is any way in which Maven can handle Ionic/Cordova project.
Many thanks🙂

That’s a pretty specific use case. I am unfamiliar with ionic, but I can tell you how we do it in Spring Boot/Angular, and maybe you can see if you can adapt it to your use case.

We use a maven plugin called front-end maven plugin which allow you to execute npm commands in maven goals and we have npm build scripts written in the package.json that the plugin will execute on build so that every time maven builds, it also generates the frontend resources and copy it to the right location before packaging.

You can Google either spring maven angular or spring maven react to see how people configure their pin for this approach.