SQL column name to map?

Hi all

I am wondering how I could convert an SQL column name that has IPs automatically into a map that I can put on a webpage?


There are a few moving pieces involved here – do you know how to store that data into the DB? Do you know how to fetch that data back to the front end? Do you know how to look up the geolocation for that IP?

As to that last point, simply googling “IP to geolocation API” turned up quite a few useful options, including http://ip-api.com/

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Thanks. The information is inputted via a form. It is then stored on the database. I’d like a map to map the location of the ips, and then allow me to place it somewhere on a site.

Preferably only map the ip if the approved column == 1.



ipdata.co looks useful in getting the coordinates of the up how would I then add them to and embedded map, and how would I do this all automatically?

Say I manage to get it automatically getting the ips. How do I then get the json for long and lat and then plot it?

Don’t have too much experience with back end.