SQL help(importing records/data)

Here is a code snippet, I am trying to import data into my SQL table. After running the code, I get no errors, but the data is blank(no it’s not null). Please help me with this.

#DROP TABLE power;

#CREATE TABLE metro_cities(city VARCHAR(100),state VARCHAR(100),mmsa VARCHAR(100),mmsa_ty VARCHAR(100),cbsa VARCHAR(100),city_st VARCHAR(100),metro_city VARCHAR(100));

# in the load statement, there is a relative path. 
LOAD DATA INFILE 'C:\\ProgramData\\MySQL\\MySQL Server 8.0\\Uploads\\Metro_cities.csv' INTO TABLE metro_cities FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' ENCLOSED BY '' LINES TERMINATED BY '/n' IGNORE 1 ROWS;

SELECT * FROM metro_cities;

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