Stack at html5 practice

I can’t pass the practice number 8 in html5

you would need to post here your code and at least the exact name of the challenge, if you can’t post links

the best way next time would be for you to use the Ask for Help button and create a post with that

this time can you copy all the code you have in the editor, come here, create a new post, click the </> “Preformatted text” button, and paste so that your code will be formatted?

So you avoid this:

This is an h1

And get this:

<h1>This is an h1</h1>

Do you mean “Basic HTML and HTML5: Introduction to HTML5 Elements”?
You should wrap two paragraphs inside of a main tag: <main><!--paragraphs here --></main>
One paragraph is already written. You should add below a second paragraph with a required text of task inside. You can do it copying and pasting: ctrl+c, ctrl+v.