Stack Data Structure in C++

I made a YouTube video showing how to build a stack in C++. Even if you don’t know C++, I made the video in such a way that you should understand. You will pick up a bit of C++ by watching. C++ uses “classical” object oriented programming, similar to Java. You’ll learn how object oriented programming works. We build a stack class, instantiate a stack object, and use its methods. Source code is in the description.

Hy Man,

Good effort bro. Keep it up and make more and more videos on Data Structure and Algorithm.
Also, add core topics like Discreet Math which is the foundation for Data Structure and Algorithm.

I have learnt a lot with making tutorial videos and it gives a feeling of accomplishment when someone likes and post encouraging comments…

There is a heavy demand of such technical videos which could deliver complex concepts and program in a easy to understand manner. This is my personal experience and viewpoint.

Let me know if I could help you in any way.

_ Muhammad

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Thanks man for the video.

but i want to add one thing, there are many people like who don’t know or use c++ and definitely you can create more videos about basic fundamentals of c++ in which you explain simple and easy like this video. the videos later on help us learn your data structures.

please we appreciate your effort if you make c++ tutorials intended for data structures