Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results Released! (60,000 developers surveyed)

Over the past 5 years Stack Overflow has been surveying developers. I thought the survey report is really useful as someone trying to break into the industry. Check it out.:

Stack OverFlow 2017 Developer Survey

Some interesting Snippets:

Educational Attainment

"More than half (54.2%) of professional developers who had studied at a college or university said they had concentrated their studies on computer science or software engineering, and an additional quarter (24.9%) majored in a closely-related discipline such as computer programming, computer engineering, or information technology. The remaining 20.9% said they had majored in other fields such as business, the social sciences, natural sciences, non-computer engineering, or the arts."

What Kind of Learning Do Developers Recommend?

"Want to learn to code but don’t know where to start? More developers say you should take an online course than any other method, followed by getting a book and working through the exercises."

Check out the full report for more details!

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