Stages of becoming a Web Developer

I made this graph… because I’m feeling a bit pissed on this MVC video course I’m taking. I thought I got it, then I tried to do the exercise. In my mind I think I have a pretty good idea of how to do it (I thought)… then I got roadblocked by so many build error messages by the compiler… not allowed to do this, not allowed to do that, etc… Feeling frustrated, I looked at the instructor’s solution at github. WTH… he went step-by-step from step 1 to step 21 then suddenly a big jump to step who-knows-what. Using techniques in his solution not even mentioned anywhere in the previous 21 videos I just watched.

You know, trying to learn by watching a tutorial video is like trying to learn how to illustrate by “tracing” a drawing. You think you know, but really you don’t.

I’m taking a break to cool down, thus the creation of this graph… then I’ll jump back in again and continue plowing through. :confused:



I am right there with you! The ups and down of this process are a little hilarious and we are not alone. I have heard terms like “learning hole”, “imposter syndrome” and a bunch of others that basically mean a little lost…
I wonder if we watched the same video or if this is just a common teaching overlook. I have started making videos for the missing information and the solutions I found. I figure if I had to look it up someone else might need to as well…of course, I am not confident enough to put them anywhere but it really helps to pretend to teach someone else.
It sounds like you have the right attitude and you’re going to do great. Keep it up!

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