Stan Lee Tribute Page feedback please

Hi there.
I’m hoping some people would offer me some feedback on my tribute page project.
I was a bit daunted by it all at first, but when I broke it down into the various sections, it soon seemed easier to manage.
I had a lot of fun with this. I enjoyed working on the background, and finding a way to ease off the colours with a second opaque wash on top. And playing around with the colour tones and shape over the title and the colour for the body background. Always been a big fan of Stan Lee, learned a bit more about him to doing this, hope he’d approve.

I’m still a bit lost on the resizing for mobile devices. I added some @media at the end, checking out the view on my mobile phone. I’m not sure if i started with everything to big in the first place?
Any Tips or advice would be appreciate.

(as soon as i post feedback i notice something :P. My preferred use of font - Fantasy, is fine. But the alternative ones change things more then i expected… seems that needs work to :/)

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I like it! I found an html error by clicking the analyze option under the rop right dropdown arrow:


Also I’d recommend adding some padding to your h1 and your following p element. It will prevent the words from collapsing on themselves like so:


I also found that you’re mising a closing </p> on line 5. I’m not sure why it didn’t show up on the html analyze but regardless, make sure to always close your tags! It can make some funky stuff happen.

Thanks. I think the overlap issue may be linked to my font choices and media. For me on Firefox on my computer, it comes out as fantasy font fine, and plenty of space. I’ve added some padding anyway and fixed that Closing P tag (surprised I got away with that one until now)

I hadn’t done the analysis for the HTML (oops thought the one above the CSS tag did it all, rookie mistakes :P). Found the rogue border code (must have copied it in when I brought over the link) and added a nice box shadow effect instead (just been refreshing that on sodulearn today :P)

Thanks for the help, I’ll have to spend some more time on fonts etc I think :/.
(20 mins later looking into how fonts work on various browsers, and wowzers, think i get it now, minefield! fixed a lot of my problems by simplifying that all now)